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Stinkers! - Skunk - 32 oz.

Stinkers! - Skunk - 32 oz.

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“Stinkers!” products don’t just mask odors – they eliminate them completely with some of the best science in the business. “Stinkers- Skunk” is specially formulated to neutralize the smell of skunk.  

“Stinkers – Skunk” is easy to use - Saturate the area, blot with a towel, then lightly overspray and allow to dry. Repeat as necessary. No rinsing necessary AND it’s non-toxic and safe on all washable fabrics without leaving any residue. This product can also be added to shampoo to remove the skunk odor from a pet’s fur. It really does kill odors fast and forever!

CTI Clean is a brand you can trust. This family-owned business has been producing high quality cleaning products for decades and is proud to get you great products that really work!

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