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Stinkers Oxy - 32 oz.

Stinkers Oxy - 32 oz.

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Stinkers Oxy is ideal for removing stains, odors, and soil from all water safe surfaces including carpets, rugs, tile, grout, finished wood, and concrete.  Always test for color fastness by applying a small amount of stinkers to an inconspicuous spot and allowing the spot to dry completely.  Then compare surrounding area for any color change.  Do not use on wool, silk, or leather surfaces.

Liberally saturate contaminated area with sufficient solution to reach deep into the carpet backing and pad to reach all contamination.
Gently agitate the area with a brush.  Then blot away the solution and soil with a clean white terry towel.  Lightly re-wet surface fibers and allow the area to dry thoroughly.  The odor and stains will disappear as the carpet dries. 

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